Your Body is Your Vessel - Thankful Thursday

Our bodies are the only things we are given, that is truly ours during this lifetime.

It can be easy to take it for granted, when we momentarily forget just how beautiful it is, how lucky we are to honour this temple we inhabit... Life provides us with small reminders, sometimes they are subtle and other times much more obvious.

Determination at Bondi Icebergs, Sydney

Determination at Bondi Icebergs, Sydney

As I sat and watched the determination here in front of me, it reminded me not only of just how lucky I am, but the strength and resilience the human psyche is truly capable of... This is the only body we have, the only vessel in which we travel through this existence with.

Treat it with kindness, with love... Honor it in the way it deserves, for it carries you through your individual, unique, fantastic journey. Today take a moment to honor yourself. Whether it be in a quiet meditation, or during some sort of physical exercise / workout, take a moment to sit with yourself, filling your entire body with your full attention, from your toes to your fingertips, from your belly to your crown. Appreciating every single cell in your body and how they all work together to create this experience for you, and only you.

Revel in your uniqueness today, in your individual journey, in the highs and the lows. Both the incredible power we possess, and also our challenges, which provide us a perspective from which to see things more clearly, as we gain higher understanding of ourselves.