As well as providing the world’s best plant based superfoods, at Connect Foods, we are committed to 3 key values:

  1. Bringing the world’s healthiest products to you at an affordable price. 

  2. Being part of a solution that ensures all our food is 100% clean and free from all chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. 

  3. Helping farmers and communities develop a sustainable and fair business.

One of the many things we hear is that a lot of people just can’t afford to buy 'superfoods' or eat healthy, as the prices of these products is just too expensive.

We want to change this and make 'superfoods' and health affordable to all consumers.


Meet our brand ambassador Ashley McCarthy

Ashley has been with us since the beginning and loves to share her recipes, kitchen tips, life hacks and yoga moves with all of you!

Read Ashley’s recipes on the blog →




Connect Foods was created by Barak Begleiter and I. Our vision is to create a brand that goes beyond simply developing a range of products to sell to consumers. We want to create a brand that creates health, happiness and well-being through food. We want to build a community that creates a single information source for all people who are looking to become healthier. Whatever part of the journey you are on, we welcome you into the Connect Foods Community. We will share with you our thoughts and knowledge and create a space where other people can share as well.

The key values for Connect Foods are:

  • Encouraging the consumption of plant based, nutrient dense whole foods.

  • Enriching peoples lives by helping them become healthier and happier.

  • Demonstrating how easily nutrient dense wholefoods can be integrated into your life on a budget.

  • Connecting to our mind, body, spirit, family, friends, community and planet through food.

  • And ultimately - making a healthier lifestyle more accessible.

Come on the journey with us. We believe in progress not perfection, as this is a journey that we hope lasts the rest of your life.  If you would like any information on health and wellness, feel free to contact us. To stay up to date with all that we are doing we recommend following us on Facebook:

Thank you for your time. Connect with us and enjoy the journey to health & well-being together.


Tony Pountney

Co-Founder Connect Foods

Wishing You Health, Happiness & Wellbeing Through Food.