Mindfulness Monday: The Power of Solitude

There is something so beautiful in the power of solitude, an art that is slowly being lost in today's world. How often do we get the chance to truly be alone? To reflect on our lives, current situations, discover how we truly feel about about things... The chance to discover and uncover ourselves.

Through the practice of meditation, we have the opportunity to return to this space. When we meditate, we allow our minds to soften, and create space for our true feelings to unfurl. Quite often we suppress how we really feel, and it's not always consciously. We don't even know how we feel sometimes because it can be easy to get caught up in how we are 'supposed' to feel. In tough situations we might put on a brave face to encourage ourselves to be positive, or to spare the feelings of loved ones, should they worry.

By softening the fluctuations of the mind, we can step out of the story we create with our thoughts. This story is woven together using fragmented pieces of opinions, our own interpretations of past occurrences that birth out of these engrossed manifestations. We get so absorbed into what's not real, worried about so much occurring outside of ourselves, we ourselves become lost. Forgetting to touch our own heart, our own being, can bring us further away from our true centre.

We need these moments to get back to our truth, to remember who we are at our own core. When we come back to our centre, when we feel full in our own spirit, we show up more authentically in the rest of our lives. Showcasing this true authenticity resonates deeply, permeating through everything that we do.

The lives we encounter, the people we touch, can feel it when we show up with our true authentic selves. Through this, we can give more fully, love more deeply, and in turn, we are happier and brighter as a result.

Monday Mantra:

Today I will take the time to truly be alone, to return to my centre. I will return to the feeling of discovering a knowing inside of myself, as opposed to thinking. I will remind myself that I deserve this time, so that I may love more fully, because I deserve the love in return that my giving creates. I will create space for love to flow into my life.