Transitions and Fear of Change

When it comes to loving fully and unconditionally, into every situation, what is the only thing that can hold us back? It all boils down to fear. Fear we might fail, fear we will get hurt, fear of change... There is only one constant in your life, only one thing that will never change; and that's the fact that everything changes.

People you love will one day leave their bodies, and you too will get old. Along the way, there are moments of transition, how we flow from one moment to the next. When we stop resisting these moments, and embrace life's inevitable shifts, we create space in our hearts for acceptance.

When we accept things just as they are, we are able to see the beauty in everything. When we expect someone to act a certain way, or when a situation doesn't turn out the way we thought it was 'supposed to', we rob ourselves of the chance to fully embrace life's quirks and nuances.

How can we soften into life's flow? How can we release ourselves from our mind that binds us with expectation? By simply accepting.

Physical yoga practice is such a beautiful reflection of life in many ways. When we get into an uncomfortable position, do we resist, or do we soften? When we simply accept, we allow space and freedom to go further, deeper, and ultimately transform.

Remember, without transformation there would be no butterflies!