Hit the Reset Button. As Many Times as You Need.

Whenever we are feeling overwhelmed, we have the choice to drop into our own body, find our feet again, start anew, breathe... inhale, exhale... We can reset any time we want. Every moment our brains are creating and destroying neurological pathways which connect us to emotions and memories.

We can utilize this process to our advantage.

Each moment is a new moment, and we can choose how we react. Instead of getting wrapped up in our emotions, when we move from the lower mind, we have the ability to stop and simply breathe. Turn inward.

Yoga asanas like forward fold and child's pose create a soothing sensation in the nervous system. Any compression of the soft belly sends signals to the space inside that governs our parasympathetic nervous system, which brings us back to center. This is our natural state of being, calm and bliss. When an event happens that causes stress, it activates our sympathetic nervous system, which is an immediate call to action. This is our animalistic instincts that react for us into a state of fight flight or freeze. (Aren't our bodies just amazing?)

Ever wonder why you usually sleep so beautifully deep under a heavy blanket in the cold months? 

This is why hugs feel so good! The compression of skin on skin of another human being is the most soothing thing we can do for ourselves in a stressful time.

So next time you are feeling stressed, take time to give yourself a hug if no one else is around! Hug your knees into your chest, forward fold, child's pose... Whatever your preferred method, choose a movement that will bring you peace, taking you out of the busy mind, back into the present moment of your body.