Does Maca Root Give You a Bigger Bum?

Bums are bum-barding us in social media, and a lot of ladies are doing endless squats and lunges to attain a bigger booty. Did you know that taking a regular dose of Maca can enhance the bum? When combined with appropriate exercise, Maca Root can help achieve accelerated muscle building results.

I have heard amazing feedback from my clients and friends, including some natural bodybuilders, that introducing Maca to their regiment has in fact helped them to increase their muscle mass and booty-licious feminine curves.

The first thing you should understand about Maca is that it is a food (a root, more specifically) and not a supplement. When you take pure natural Maca powder you are eating a food that has been cultivated and used by people living high in the Andes mountains for over 2000 years. They have used it without negative side effects to boost their energy, improve fertility and increase stamina while living in the extreme conditions of very high altitudes (12,000 feet and above). Maca is a nutritional powerhouse and provides a high level of nutrients. It is also an adaptogenic food that supports optimal hormone balance and vitality for anyone who enjoys it.

Photo courtesy of Fella Swimwear (

Photo courtesy of Fella Swimwear (

So why is it beneficial to a stronger derrière?

  • Maca powder is low in calories and fat. A daily serving of 3 teaspoons contains just 95 calories and 1 gram of fat. That means that Maca will not add unnecessary fat to your backside.
  • A daily serving of Maca contains 4 grams of bio-available protein. This 100% natural vegetable protein is easy for the body to digest and assimilate and is one reason it is often found in natural bodybuilding supplements.
  • Maca is well known to be a natural “anabolic” food. Anabolic foods contain compounds that are helpful in building muscle fiber. Of course, it only works if you actually exercise the muscles you want to build. If you do that, Maca supports their healthy growth.
  • Since the bum contains the largest muscles in the body (the gluteus maximus), using Maca combined with a consciously designed exercise program will help you achieve a “Maca Bum”
  • One of the many benefits of Maca is that it helps balance hormones. Meaning that it supports a healthy level of estrogen, which obviously coincides with enhancing female curves.

If you want to use Maca to generate more curves, you’re going to have to work at it. The great thing is that Maca will help you do it not only because of the muscle building properties, but also since one of the main benefits of taking it is a boost in energy and vitality.

Here’s how to use Maca for bums:

  • Take enough Maca to make it worth your while. On resting days I would recommend 1-2 teaspoons for most people and on exercise days taking 2-4 teaspoons.
  • Combine your Maca intake with exercise focused on the buttocks including: hill walking, stairs, squats, leg curls and leg lifts.

Expect to start seeing results in 4 weeks from starting your program. Enjoy your journey to success in reaching your goals! Taking progress pictures are a great tool too. When we are starting a new routine or regiment, it's sometimes easy to lose hope or focus because we don't see 'big' results. Smaller steps gradually over a longer period of time is how our bodies stay in shape, and you will have a much lesser chance of slipping back into poor habits.

Take some progress pictures, and please share your success stories with me via email!

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xo, Ashley

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