Dance and Movement - The Ultimate Meditation

We often hear of yoga being referred to as a 'moving mediation'. The word yoga is not a physical act at all actually, the literal translation of the word 'yoga' means 'to yolke', which is also 'union'. It's the act of creating a connection with the divine, with spirit. When we meditate, we allow ourselves the freedom of expanding beyond our body, creating union with that which is greater than our physical selves.

What a gift! To be able to tap into this great big energy and be free from our thoughts which often hinder us. When we meditate, we create space within ourselves to be completely present with what we are doing. When we are completely present, there is no room for getting lost in the thoughts which swirl around in our mind.

Not only are we allowing ourselves to let go of our thoughts, but the time we spend in meditation gives us many gifts which we bring into our daily lives. We take what we learn and then apply it elsewhere. The more time we spend in this space, the better we feel, more peaceful, at ease. Then when we move from such a space and navigate challenges, our attitude is much different. Things feel easier, problems aren't as big of a deal, we feel more empowered in our own selves. 

With this in mind, the general concept and basic understanding of what we wish to achieve, we can then apply our learning to all walks of our lives. This meditation concept can be applied to any other movement. Martial Arts is another type of yoga, a way of moving energy around in our bodies.

Dance is another act of movement that is an ultimate meditation. When we completely let go of any sense of self-judgement or doubt, and allow our bodies to be free, we can quite literally 'shake off' the day. It can feel like a bit of a dichotomy, getting into your physical self through acts of dance and movement, actually allows you to let go of the need to feel attached to your physical body.

When we dance, we aren't thinking about that mistake we made last week, the phone call we forgot to return, or something of the like. We aren't anticipating the future, plans we need to make, the email we need to write. Same thing with yoga...

It's okay to let go of planning and get lost in the rhythm of your heart. Find something that really makes you feel good in your body, and turn that into your yoga. Allow that to create a big smile on your face and joy in yourself that can then be translated into the rest of your life. 

After all, you deserve it!