Fearless Friday - Processing the Past Week

Did you have a bad week? That's okay! We can leave the past behind us... Even if you had a great week, Friday is a great marker for the end of a peroid of time, and we can reflect on what has transpired. Don't dwell on it too much though! Allow yourself to process thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, and events.

We can take a few minutes, perhaps even a small meditation on what happened and how we feel about it. The biggest thing is to allow yourself to feel these emotions! It's okay to feel! If we bottle things up and don't process them that's how negative stuff gets stored in our subconscious, and we have no idea how it will jump out at random and effect us later on...

When we allow ourselves to feel, we can let these reflections pass through, and clear way for the week ahead. We can then fully enjoy our weekend, and set new goals and aspirations for the week ahead!

What are some of your goals for the weekend? How will you allow yourself to be completely present in your activities? Most importantly, have FUN and enjoy every moment!  

xx Ashley