Getting Back to Basics: 5 Simple Ways to Create More Joy

Creating more joy in your life… Let’s get back to basics…

When we hear the term back to basics, we often think of starting at the beginning, starting over. If you live in the modern world, it’s clear to notice our lives having become increasingly more and more complex over recent years. The truth is, that every moment is a new moment, a new beginning, a chance to get back to the basics.

When we clutter our lives, that’s when life itself seems overwhelming. By clearing the clutter, we not only create space for fresh energy to flow into our lives, but space in our own minds, allowing us to be more present and mindful in any given moment.

Here are five easy ways to create more simplicity in your world, and make room for more JOY.

Take Some Quiet Time

It can mean something different to everyone, but taking a quiet moment to yourself can be such a well-deserved treat. In the earliest part of the morning, before everyone else is awake, before you go to bed, pick something that works for you and try to set it aside for yourself every day. Sometimes we don’t even realise how much noise is really around us, drowning out our own instincts. Turning inward allows our mind to rest and the body to lead the way.


Put Down The Phone and Look Up

Getting rid of distractions and taking a moment to look around can be incredibly grounding and nurturing. If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re reading it on a smartphone. With all of our multitasking and expedited electronic growth, we now get done in one day what used to take a week or more. Not only that, we are more and more easily distracted by what’s not even around us, lost in a tiny device in the palm of our hands.

Put down the phone and look up. Check in with your surroundings. This allows us to connect visually with what is in this moment. When we look up at the sky we can be reminded the clouds of thoughts in our minds. They can pass just as easily and they came in, and then you are left with clear blue skies.


Let Go of All The ‘Stuff’

This is one that might connect even more with the ladies… How many times have you looked in your closet and thought ‘I have so many clothes and nothing to wear?’ Same thing goes for appliances, books, games, etc. Give yourself a time frame; ‘If I haven’t used this in __ months, it’s getting donated’. Have a garage sale, or sell to a local exchange store (Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland).

A fun event I’ve done with girlfriends in the past is asking everyone to bring a bag (or a few) of clothes that they don’t want anymore, and something to eat or drink for potluck nibbles. Using someone’s living room or other available place with plenty of space, create your own shopping experience (for free!).

That age old saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is so true! This also gives us a an immediate example of ‘giving is receiving’. When you witness the joy in your friend after snagging her new favourite dress (you know, the one that’s been sitting in the bottom of your closet for over a year?), it truly is better than any gift you can be given. After all, at the end of the day it’s just stuff, if you’re not using it, make sure to give it away to someone who will!


Take it Easy, Do One Thing at a Time

Contrary to popular belief, doing more things at once, does not make you more efficient. Only about 2% of the population has the ability to multitask, which leaves the rest of the 98% of us to try and try, often resulting in forgotten details, and back-pedalling to try and fix our mistakes. When we are doing more than one thing at a time, we aren’t truly concentrating on the task at hand. This allows room for distractions and errors.

Slow down, concentrate on the task at hand, and do it right the first time in a calm and relaxed fashion. You will feel more accomplished with the quality of your work. When we are relaxed we can even find joy in what we are doing, as opposed to allowing ourselves to get worked up and stressed out. Ticking the box of a completed task before moving onto another one can be super rewarding, and you’ll be able to breathe a sweet sigh of relief in between.


Find a Meditation Practice

You knew this one was coming! The ultimate form of simplicity is doing absolutely nothing. There are so many forms and types of meditation, none of them are right or wrong, just different. A certain form may resonate with you but not with someone else you know, and vice versa. If you’ve explored mediation before, perhaps make a conscious effort to get back into your practice. After all, it’s called a practice for a reason, we need to keep doing it in order for it to keep working for us.

Making time for yourself everyday is truly rewarding in all of the amazing benefits that it brings! Simplicity allows you to enjoy more out of life. Be simple, be free!

xo, Ashley