Living Life Expansively - Thankful Thursday

No matter how many times I have been wronged, or make mistakes, I know I can bounce back with grace and strength. Living life open is the only way to do it. Why do yourself such disservice by closing in?

Life just HAPPENS, and it can happen to anyone. It will catch you off guard, when everything seemed to be flowing so smoothly in one direction. Or when you thought you just couldn't possibly take anymore. It can test your limits and push you to break.

When we step back we can see the bigger picture. Step out of the story, the emotions, the thoughts, and just take a moment to remind yourself that no storm lasts forever. This too shall pass. Open your heart, so that when it does, when this time of trial passes, you can step right back into your power. Seamlessly sewn back into the fabric of your life's purpose, back into our truth.


Today, I am thankful for my strength. I am grateful that life has happened to me, and continues to do so as I grow every single day, brighter and more expansive. I am thankful for continuing to follow my truth, no matter how challenging it may seem.