As well as providing the world’s best plant based superfoods, at Connect Foods, we are committed to 3 key values:

  1. Bringing the world’s healthiest products to you at an affordable price. 
  2. Being part of a solution that ensures all our food is 100% clean and free from all chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. 
  3. Helping farmers and communities develop a sustainable and fair business.

One of the many things we hear is that a lot of people just can’t afford to buy 'superfoods' or eat healthy, as the prices of these products is just too expensive.

We want to change this and make 'superfoods' and health affordable to all consumers.


To see where our products come from and how you and Connect Foods are helping create a more sustainable future, whilst enjoying affordable prices of the world’s healthiest superfoods, keep reading below.

Cacao Powder

Connect Foods Organic Cacao Powder & Cacao Nibs are sourced from Costa Rica.

Before the 1970’s Costa Rica was the world leader in cacao production and sales but after being hit by a natural ecological disaster almost all of the cacao trees were destroyed. It is only now that Costa Rica is beginning to recover from this loss.

Connect Foods are helping restore the cacao industry of Costa Rica.

Not all Cacao was created equal. There is a lot of low grade cacao product on the market. Some, for example, comesfrom Africa where it is not uncommon for young children to be part of the workforce.

In Peru we work with family farmers who have been harvesting cacao traditionally for hundreds of years, 100% clean from the Criollo Cacao Bean. This is the highest quality Cacao Bean. 

Learn more about Cacao →


Chia Seeds

Connect Foods Organic Chia Seeds are sourced from Argentina and Paraguay where Chia has grown wild for thousands of years.

In South America, large scale agriculture has started to take over the production of crops like Chia and Quinoa. They have started introducing petrol chemicals and pesticides into regions that were traditionally natural & organic. Connect Foods is able to support the growth and maintenance of the small sustainable farming in these regions, ensuring our products will always stay clean from chemicals and at a fair price to the farms and our consumers.

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Premium Maca Powder

The highest quality Maca is found in the highest altitudes in the Andes regions of Peru.

As Maca demand continues to grow a lot of Maca is now grown from low altitude regions where the price is cheaper however the quality and nutritional value is not the same.

Our Maca is sourced from the Sicaya region in Peru, where it has been grown traditionally at altitudes of above 3800 meters. It will always be sourced from here as we have again developed relationships directly with the farmers, families and communities of this region. This will ensure that Connect Foods Organic Maca stays clean from chemicals and at a fair price for the farms, their workers and you, our consumers.

Learn more about Maca Root →

Our hope and intention is to give you access directly to the farms and regions so you can meet the people who work hard to provide you the best quality superfoods in the world. We want to show you small scale sustainable farming in action.

Keep an eye out later this year for videos from all of these regions, showing you exactly how our products are farmed and where they are sourced from.


Thank You

Finally, we would like to say thank you to you, our consumer. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for supporting us in making the planet more sustainable, fairer and cleaner.

We look forward to connecting soon.

- The Team at Connect Foods